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APART CHAMP 3D Convection cooled 3-channel digital power amplifier
CHAMP-3DConvection cooled 3-channel digital power amplifierThe CHAMP-3D is a 3-channel fully programmable digital amplifier with all the essential features to meet your customer’s expectations. This versatile power center is ideal for medium to mid-sized applications up to 2100 watts and because of its convection cooling the amplifier has no fan inside so will stay dust-free.The Hypex class-D ampl..

Rp 22,473,000

Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta
APART CONCEPT1  2-zone integrated stereo mixing amplifier
CONCEPT12-zone integrated stereo mixing amplifierFor a long time, installers worldwide have been unhappy with consumer electronics and they were looking for a professional integrated amplifier for use in commercial environments, boardrooms or small businesses designed for 24/7 operation. Therefore Apart developed the CONCEPT1, a stereo or two mono channel (2 x 80 watts @ 4 ohms) amplifier for smal..

Rp 6,359,000

Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta
APART MA247 5 Plus 1 zone mixing amplifier
MA2475+1 zone mixing amplifier, 240W @ 100 voltThe MA247 is a 240 watts 6-zone 100 volt amplifier system that has been improved with 24 volt dedicated priority output per zone for more listening and operating comfort. Control the volume in 6 different zones, have a different sound source in one zone compared to all other zones or do selective paging in all zones without interrupting the music in t..

Rp 17,955,000

Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta
APART MA35 Compact mixing amplifier
MA35Compact mixing amplifier, 35W @ 100 voltMA35 is probably the most compact and complete 35 watts 100 volt mixing amplifier. No doubt this product can be the heart of many small installation projects where priority or mixed microphone calls and background music dispersion are needed. On top of that this amplifier can also be used in mobile applications as the MA35 functions with 12 volt (car bat..

Rp 3,924,000

Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta
APART MASK12BL Two-way full range loudspeaker
MASK12-BL12" Two-way full range loudspeaker black     MASK12-BL      MASK12-WThe famous Apart MASK Series, a standard in the fixed install audio industry for many years, has been expanded with a MASK12 cabinet loudspeaker. This new 12” two-way high power cabinet loudspeaker is very easy to install and can be used in many full range indoor appl..

Rp 10,827,000

Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta
APART MASK2BL  compact design loudspeaker
The MASK2 satellite low impedance loudspeaker offers a combination of design and great sound. With its 2.5” paper cone woofer, MASK2 is one of the smallest loudspeakers on the market and allows easy integration into every interior without compromising on sound quality. MASK2 and SUBLIME can be installed in a shop or bar where a loudspeaker is needed that creates an inviting atmosphere but also for..

Rp 774,000

Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta
APART MASK4BL 4.25" small design two-way loudspeaker
The MASK4 low impedance loudspeaker has a unique and innovative design which supplies you with a crystal clear sound, from back ground music up to “dance level” music. The cabinet is made of high quality enforced PP4 ABS.The grille is made of aluminium and the woofer has been coated so MASK4 loudspeakers are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The cabinet is supplied with a rubber IP protect..

Rp 1,157,000

Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta
APART MASK6BL  6.5" design two-way loudspeaker
The MASK6 is a 6.5” two-way low impedance loudspeaker with timeless design. This full range loudspeaker has been designed for the contractor market and delivers crystal clear sound, from background music up to ‘dance level’ music. It can of course be used with a subwoofer when higher power is needed. MASK6 loudspeakers are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use (IP64 rating).Thanks to the Intell..

Rp 1,854,000

Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta
APART PA240P 1-channel power amplifier
PA240P1-channel power amplifier, 1 x 240W @ 100VThe PA240P is a fully equipped 240 watts constant voltage power amplifier that will meet all of your requirements. It is the device to built larger professional industrial sound applications. Besides high reliability and the basic functions of a power amplifier the PA240P excels above similar products by the inclusion of its extra technical features,..

Rp 9,698,000

Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta
APART REVAMP2250 2-channel bridgeable digital power amplifier
REVAMP22502-channel bridgeable digital power amplifier, 2 x 250W, 4ohmREVAMP2250 is a professional 2-channel digital power amplifier with 2 x 350 watts output power @ 4 ohms, but is also bridgeable (1 x 700 watts @ 8 ohms). The unit incorporates a high efficient SMPS power supply and outputs with efficient Class D output topology.The digital signal processor inside operates with one simple push bu..

Rp 9,788,000

Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta
APART REVAMP2600 2-channel power amplifier
REVAMP26002-channel power amplifier, 2 x 600 watts @ 4 ohmsREVAMP2600 is a professional 2-channel power amplifier with 2 x 840 watts output power @ 4 ohms. The digital signal processor inside operates with one simple push button at the back of the unit to select an operating mode (10 presets) what makes this amplifier the ideal multipurpose tool for applications where you need a lot of power in tw..

Rp 11,988,000

Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta
APART REVAMP4120T 4-channel 100V bridgeable digital power amplifier
REVAMP4120T4-channel 100V bridgeable digital power amplifier, 4 x 120WREVAMP4120T is a professional 4-channel digital power amplifier with 4 x 120 watts output power @ 100 volt (or @ 4 ohms), but the unit is also bridgeable to 2 x 240 watts @ 100 volt (or @ 4 ohms). The unit incorporates a high efficient SMPS power supply, outputs with efficient Class D output topology and output transformers.REVA..

Rp 17,645,000

Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta
APART SUBLIME-BL Ultra compact passive 6.5" dual coil subwoofer, black
The SUBLIME is an ultra compact passive 6.5" dual coil subwoofer that offers the ultimate blend of a compact size and deep, fat basses. Thanks to the built-in X-over, this subwoofer is the ideal partner for the MASK2 top speakers.height420 mmwidth470 mmdepth120 mmloudspeaker systemdual coilwoofer size6.5 inchwoofer cone materialcoated papermounting systemwall bracketimpedance (ohms)8low impedance ..

Rp 4,140,000

Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta
APART ZONE4 4-zone stereo pre-amplifier
ZONE44-zone stereo pre-amplifierThe sophisticated pre-amplifier ZONE4 allows you to control four stereo zones with just one affordable unit. In any of the 4 zones you can play music that comes from one of the 4 music sources you can connect.There is also the possibility to assign 3 microphones to each zone where MIC1 can be a dynamic priority mic (via contact closure) or a 4-zone selective paging ..

Rp 13,172,000

Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta
Beta 87A Vocal Microphone
Beta 87A Vocal MicrophoneThe precision-engineered Beta 87A condenservocal microphone has a smooth, tailored response for warm, accurate sound. Itssupercardioid polar pattern provides maximum isolation from nearby vocalists or instruments.Best suited to: Vocals Tech SpecsTransducer Type : CondenserPolar Pattern: SupercardioidFrequency Response from: 50 H..

Rp 5,108,000

Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta
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