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About Us

Bliaudio.com is eCommerce in audio products No. # 1 and the largest in Indonesia. We provide more than hundreds of thousands of products at the best prices of all needs, from the category Speaker, Amplifier, Mixer, Microphone, Cables, Headphones, Earphones, Connectors, Projectors, Accessory, & amp; many other categories..

Bliaudio.com provide the best service facilities to support you shop online safely and reliably. Backed by an experienced team in the field of online, we provide various facilities to transact. As inter-bank transfers, credit cards with 0% installment.

Our Commitment
We believe that the customer is our friend. Therefore, customer service is a top priority. Bliaudio.com will serve customers ranging from the exciting experience accessing our website, payment, delivery, to customer service.

Our Tim
We are a big family that has passion in the field of eCommerce and have a philosophy of "Bold, Fast and Fun!". In Bliaudio.com, we believe that everyone should love his work, and work as it likes. Because it has a vision to achieve global success, we also have teams from different countries and experts in the field of eCommerce.

If you have a passion in the field of eCommerce, like a challenge, willing to learn something new, and holds the same philosophy with us, immediately to be part of our family!

Join with us!