Denon DN-D9000
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Denon DN-D9000

Denon DN-D9000

Denon DN-D9000

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Denon DN-D9000

The renowned Denon design team pulled out all the stops to bring you unparalleled performance and functionality in the world's most advanced double CDplayer. DJs told us what they wanted and Denon delivered it all-and more.


·        Create up to 4 seamless loops per track or disc (world's first)

·        4 Hot Starts (world's first)

·        2 (15) Second on-board samplers that include: Output volume, reverse play, looping, scratch & pitch (world's first)

·        Simultaneous Seamless Looping and Sampler playback

·        6 Stutter Cue Play points (world's first)

·        Scratch Effect w/directional modes, Forward-Reverse-Both Disc or Sampler (world's first)

·        A/B Loop Trim son the fly loop editing

·        A-B Splice sremoves unwanted sections of a track seamlessly (world's first)

·        6 on-board effects: Filter (2-type), DelayFlanger, Transform (2-type)

·        New smooth Key adjust accurate up to +/-99%

·        Auto/Manual BPM counter

·        Plays CD-R/RW media

·        Rotary Track Selector Knob

·        5 Platter Modes: DragStart, Brake, Echo, Dump, Reverse

·        Large Jog Wheel with rubberized coating (70mm)

·        Illuminated Action Buttons w/tactile feedback

·        Illuminated drive trays and Jog Wheel perimeter

·        Fluorescent Tube Display w/ Dot Matrix Text support

·        Digital Output w/no limitations (SPDIF)

·        Fader Start & X-Effect compatible

·        Program Play, Random Play, Relay Play

·        Custom Memory -save up to 5000 Loops and Cue%s to internal memory

·        Memo Copy from one's DN-D9000/DN-2600F controller to another DN-D9000

·        Platter Hold -extreme pitch bend by the Jog Wheel +/-100% max

·        16 seconds of Shock Proof Memory

·        Auto disc tray closing system (adjustable)

·        Auto Sleep function; prolongs the life of internal parts

·        Designed with SHARC- DSP's for maximum performance and speed


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