Peavey IMPULSE 12D
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Peavey IMPULSE 12D

Peavey IMPULSE 12D

Peavey IMPULSE 12D

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Peavey IMPULSE 12D

The Impulse 12D powered enclosure from Peavey features a true ribbon driver and a 12" Peavey Black Widow loudspeaker engineered with dual voice coil, push-pull technology, and a neodymium magnet. A Woofer Servo circuit monitors back-EMF and controls cone motion, ensuring the cone's movement mirrors the driving signal from the power amp, and resulting in very low distortion, high power handling, and rock-solid low-frequency attack.

The advanced ribbon driveran exclusive Peavey design based on the ribbons used in the Peavey Versarray line arrayprovides 90 H x 30 V coverage, with sonically transparent reproduction.

Utilizing Peavey's revolutionary IPR power amplifier technology, the Impulse 12D produces 1,200 watts of efficient power while weighing a very lightweight 39 pounds. IPR amplifiers are designed with a lightweight switch-mode power supply and a high-speed Class D topology that yields the highest audio resolution and efficiency available. 

The Input section features two input channels and a line output, with a mix of I/O options such as combination XLR-14" jacks, RCA, and install-ready Phoenix connections. Input channels 1 and 2 also have mic/line source switches and gain controls. The Auto-Off function automatically shuts off the power when it no longer detects a signal, while the Line Out allows the user to chain multiple units or send the input signal to another source.

The DynaQ section offers advanced tone controls such as Bass Enhancer, which is an overall loudness boost; a Music/Speech switch that provides optimized EQ settings for each audio type; and Contour, specially configured for program music. A module bay allows for future expansion including Wireless I/O, Delay/Time Adjustment, Mixer Expander, Ethernet I/O, and more. 

The Impulse 12D is housed in a durable, injection-molded enclosure that includes a polemount, three flying points, and a tilt-back design to facilitate use as a personal monitor.


·        1,200 watts from Peavey IPR power section

·        Auto Off

·        Two independently mixed input channels with level controls and mic/line switch

·        Two-way, bi-amplified, optimized active servo drive loudspeaker system

·        12" Black Widow loudspeaker with dual voice coil and neodymium magnet design

·        Proprietary 120 mm ribbon driver on a low-coloration waveguide

·        Combo XLR-14" and Phoenix connectors on channel 1

·        Combo XLR-14" and RCA connectors on channel 2

·        XLR, 14" TRS and Phoenix outputs on Line Out

·        Woofer Servo technology

·        Exclusive DDT anti-clipping speaker protection

·        Bass Enhancement circuit provides automatic equal loudness compensation

·        Mounting bay for optional input function modules

·        Rugged polypropylene molded enclosure with tilt-back design for monitor use

·        Pole mount molded-in

·        Top, bottom and side flying point inserts

·        LED control switch: Power/Signal/Off

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