Peavey Dual Deltafex
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Peavey Dual Deltafex

Peavey Dual Deltafex

Peavey Dual Deltafex

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Peavey Dual Deltafex


The Dual Deltafex® is like having two multi-effects units in one. Providing powerful digital signal processing with flexible dual audio connections in a single rack space makes this unit perfect for studio or live applications. Dual inputs and outputs allow for four operational modes; Series, Parallel, Dual Mono and Sum Mono. Both Series and Parallel modes process a stereo input signal into a stereo output signal. Dual Mono mode configures the unit exactly like two separate stereo effects processors. Sum Mono works the same as Dual Mono, except it combines the two effects units into one pair of outputs. Featuring 16 programmable effects including multiple reverbs and delays, compressor, pitch shifter, chorus, flanger, phaser, tremolo, rotary speaker, distortion, exciter and karaoke (vocal eliminator), the Dual Deltafex® is truly two units in one. You'll save money and space with the Dual Deltafex®.


24 bit Stereo inputs and outputs

Stereo, Parallel, Series and Dual Mono modes

16 different effects types for each engine including multiple reverbs, delays, compressor, pitch shifter, chorus, flange, phase, tremolo, rotary speaker with morphing speed control, distortion, exciter, karaoke and 2 adjustable parameters for each effect

Reverb and delay tails continue when effect is switched off

Mix control

Input and output level controls

Defeat jack doubles as speed control for rotary speaker

Bi-color clip LED

Dual engine DSP stereo effects processor

Weight Unpacked: 7.04 lb(3.194 kg)

Weight Packed: 8.60 lb(3.9 kg)

Width Packed: 11.75"(29.845 cm)

Height Packed: 23.5"(59.69 cm)

Depth Packed: 4"(10.16 cm)

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