Beyerdynamic TG D50d Microphone
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Beyerdynamic TG D50d Microphone

Beyerdynamic TG D50d Microphone

Beyerdynamic TG D50d Microphone

  • Pengirim: Bliaudio-spr
  • Asal Pengiriman: Jakarta Barat, DKI Jakarta
  • Kode Produk: Beyerdynamic TG D50d
  • Tersedia: Dalam Stok
  • Rp 2.800.000

Garansi Distributor 1 Tahun

Professional dynamic microphone (cardioid) for drums, percussion and instruments

The small all-rounder with the great sound: the TG D50d

Thanks to its compact dimensions, this microphone does a great job, using it as a kick-drum or tom microphone and it works great for nearly all kinds of instruments. Just like its big brother, the TG D70d, the TG D50d has a switchable EQ integrated as well. Switching it to “LIN”, this microphone delivers a linear, natural sound without any modification. The “EQ” switch optimises it for kick-drums without any additional devices.

The transducer used in the TG D50d offers the typical powerful “beyer”-sound and very high gain before feedback – thanks to its cardioid polar pattern.

Shipped incl. transport bag and special microphone clamp MKV99.

Sound Channeling Technology: 

    Expanded resonance space for exceptionally powerful sound

    Special sound holes for a frequency-independent polar pattern

Technical data

Price category Mid-level
Transducer type Moving coil (dynamic)
Polar pattern microphone Cardioid
Microphone frequency response 50 - 17000 Hz (LIN) / 20 - 15000 Hz (EQ)
Net weight without packaging 0 g

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