Beyerdynamic TG L55C Microphone
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Beyerdynamic TG L55C Microphone

Beyerdynamic TG L55C Microphone

Beyerdynamic TG L55C Microphone

  • Pengirim: Bliaudio-spr
  • Asal Pengiriman: Jakarta Barat, DKI Jakarta
  • Kode Produk: Beyerdynamic TG L55C
  • Tersedia: Dalam Stok
  • Rp 2.350.000

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Condenser clip-on microphone (omnidirectional), waterprotected, for film and theatre applications

The TG L55 clip-on microphone is the first choice for television and film, as well as for presentations and theatre applications.

The omnidirectional polar pattern of this acoustically balanced lavalier microphone allows a lot of flexibility in positioning – the TG L55 can be worn on a lapel, and it can also be disguised on the face with makeup. It is also water and sweat-proof, and is exceedingly insensitive to pop noises. For wired operation at a phantom powering input, the optional CV 18 is necessary.

Available in both black and tan.

Sound Channeling Technology:

- No proximity effect due to omnidirectional polar pattern

Technical data

Price category Mid-level
Transducer type Electret condenser
Polar pattern microphone Omnidirectional
Microphone frequency response 20 - 20,000 Hz
Dimensions Length: 13.0 mm; Shaft diameter: 5.2 mm
Net weight without packaging 14 g

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