Focusrite Vocaster One Studio
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Focusrite Vocaster One Studio

Focusrite Vocaster One Studio

Focusrite Vocaster One Studio

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Focusrite Vocaster One Studio USB-C Audio Interface Bundle Features:

Vocaster One interface delivers broadcast-quality sound tailor-made for podcasting
Gain knob delivers over 70dB of gain; compatible with a wide range of mics without needing a booster
Volume knob dials in the perfect level for headphones and monitors
Auto Gain button sets gain levels while talking
Enhance button cycles through three podcaster-approved presets accenting the natural qualities of your voice
Mute button silences sound sources in an instant
Connect to a phone via TRRS cable to capture conversations, music, and more
TRS input makes connecting camera audio a breeze
Stereo Loopback grabs audio from a computer for intros/outros and more
Vocaster DM1 microphone, HP60v headphones, and XLR cable included for everything needed right out the box
Includes software bundle: Hindenburg Lite (with 6-month trial of Pro version), aCast (6-month Influence Plan), SquadCast Pro + Video (3-month trial), and Ampify Studio (6-month premium trial)


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