APART REVAMP2600 2-channel power amplifier
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APART REVAMP2600 2-channel power amplifier

APART REVAMP2600 2-channel power amplifier

APART REVAMP2600 2-channel power amplifier

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2-channel power amplifier, 2 x 600 watts @ 4 ohms

REVAMP2600 is a professional 2-channel power amplifier with 2 x 840 watts output power @ 4 ohms. The digital signal processor inside operates with one simple push button at the back of the unit to select an operating mode (10 presets) what makes this amplifier the ideal multipurpose tool for applications where you need a lot of power in two different zones like fitness centres or stereo applications.

The amplifier contains an intelligent variable speed cooling fan. The REVAMP2600 also temporally decreases the output power to a safe limit whenever a thermal overload occurs (indicated by a LED light on the front panel). The very intuitive front display shows what is going on with one blink of an eye. Thanks to our own designed automatic protection system (patent pending) with smart use of a compressor/limiter topology we bring our power supply to an unexpected high level! This manifests itself in a great dynamic power with an unseen musicality and exceptional dynamic sound.

There are 9 presets available which can be selected by the button at the back of the unit. An example of a preset is the combination CH1 subwoofer and CH2 trafo load.  In this example you have a low-pass filter for increased stability when using 100 volt transformers on the output, allowing you to use 100 volt speakers as top speakers combined with a standard low impedance subwoofer. With the other presets channels can be linked, high pass filters can be applied to a channel...

Ease of use, high-tech, reliability and big output power has never been as cleverly combined as in this REVAMP2600 amplifier.

- dynamic output power 4 ohms : 2 x 840 watts 

- RMS output power 4 ohms : 2 x 600 watts

- dynamic output power 8 ohms : 2 x 420 watts 

- RMS output power 8 ohms 2 x 300 watts

- minimum impedance load per channel : 4 ohms 

- power consumption (max) : 1840 watts

- 19" (483 mm wide) rack mounting : yes 

- height- rack units (1U=44 mm) 2 U

- depth (build in) 334 mm depth (incl front) 340 mm

- power supply : 230 VAC 

- power supply technology : toroidal transformer

- output channels : 2 line 

- input balanced 2

- line input unbalanced : 2 channel 

separation > 67 dB @ 1 kHz

- power amp topology class-H 

- frequency response (in Hz) 10 - 24 k

- cooling system : fan 

- applicable low impedance : yes

- Net weight product (kg) 12.10  

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