Audio Technica AT8668S
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Audio Technica AT8668S

Audio Technica AT8668S

Audio Technica AT8668S

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Audio Technica AT8668S


No Product Feature These Audio-technica anti-shock microphone stand effectively isolate mounted microphone from impact vibration and mechanical noise normally transmitted from the surface. They are intended for use with microphones stood on lecterns, pulpits, conference tables and similar surfaces.

Ideal for use with gooseneck microphones and other quick-mount type microphone using industrial standard XLRM 3-pin type connectors. 


The At8668S features a press-on/press-off switch that controls the microphone, muting it by 55 dB at 1,000 Hz. The circuitry also operates a light in the switch, powered by the 24-48V phantom source, to indicate when the mic is "on". Regardless of the switch postion, the actual mic operating voltage will be approximately 10-12V less than the phantom source voltage.



Phantom Power Requirements

24-48V DC, 3 mA typical

Output Impedance

360 ohms

Insertion Loss

1 dB (150 ohm source, 100k ohm load)

Mute Attenuation

55 dB at 1000Hz 35 dB at 100Hz 30 dB at 50Hz (150 ohm source, 100k ohm load)

Mic Attachment

XLRF - type, XLRM - type, Switch with LED


112mm X 142mm X 40mm (Width X Depth X Height)


1.2 kg


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