SMSL IQ Hi-Fi Portable DAC & Headphone Amplifier
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SMSL IQ Hi-Fi Portable DAC & Headphone Amplifier

SMSL IQ Hi-Fi Portable DAC & Headphone Amplifier

SMSL IQ Hi-Fi Portable DAC & Headphone Amplifier

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PCM sampling rate support up to768kHz and DSD512, driver is exclusively customized and support native DSD

ESS 9018 Q2C ultra-hight dynamic range and ultra-low THD+N DAC, built-in big power headphone amplifier.

Full-balanced circuit design.

2.5mm independent balanced headphone output jack.

Built-in big capacity battery.

1. 2nd gerneration of XMOS Xcore200 XU208 audio solution;
2. DAC chips uses SABRE9018Q2C produced by ESS company in USA;
3. Use ultra-low phase noise low clock jitter phase-loop circuit;
4. Powered by ultra-low noise LDO for best performance;
5. High-power balanced amplifier output;

Product Details

SMSL IQ Hifi Portable DAC & headphone amplifier

The IQ features a small OLED display on the left side. For users with balanced IEMs, the IQ has a 2.5-millimeter balanced output in addition to the 3.5-millimeter unbalanced output.

Inside the IQ is a SABRE9018Q2C chip that supports second generation XMOS transmission with an ultra-low phase noise, low jitter clock system powered by a high capacity battery and an ultra-low noise LDO for the best performance.

A sound-mute unit protects the headphones from sound damage while minimizing the loss of audio signals.

The amplifier comes with short microUSB and USB Type C cables, ideal for Android-based devices.

*THD+N: 0.00033%
*Dynamic ratio: DAC : 125dB
*SNR: 118dB
*Transmission USB: Asynchrone Xmos U208
*Sampling rate / Bitrate:
USB : 32bit 768kHz & DSD512 (22.5792MHz)
*Power jack 3.5mm:
55mW 32Ohm / 33mW 64ohm / 21mW 150ohm / 12mW 300ohm
*Power jack 2.5 balanced:
91mW 32 Ohm / 78mW 64 Ohm / 53mW 150 Ohm / 32mW 300 Ohm
*Battery charge voltage DC: 5V DC

*Dimensions: 95 x 56 x 9mm
*Weight: 200g
*Material: Alluminium CNC

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